Why You Should Only Stay In Best Hotels

When I travel, I usually try to travel in style. Whenever people at me how I travel, they usually think about means of transportation, but I have my witty answer prepared, and I usually respond: I travel in style!
To travel in style for a means always to stay in the best hotel because life is too short as it is and I don’t want to look behind and not be able to think of a single memory that was exhilarating or quite extraordinary. So, here is my motto:

Life Is Short – Live Your Life!

Whenever people ask me why I lead such an exuberant lifestyle, I tell them that life is short. To me, this means that I want to live now. I do not know what tomorrow brings, and even though I do hope for the best I realize that sometimes you cannot plan your future. Certainly, you can hope for the best, you can do your best, but as they say when people make plans God laughs. This is why one goal I have decided that I will travel in style and I will live each day as if it were my last. This is what they do during my travels so that I make sure that I live my life the fullest.

Best Service

When I travel, I usually ask for the best service. People ask me how I can even afford all that, but that is my little secret which I will gladly share with you later. The service includes taking care of whatever you need I have during my travels, and even though I do not often travel when I do I usually try to make it memorable.

Quality Rest

I like to travel but sometimes it exhausts me, this is why I like to get quality rest. To get quality rest, you have to get the best services, the hotel services that are.

There are numerous hotels which offer rest at an affordable price, but that kind of vacation will only make you feel exhausted. I realized a long time ago that quality rest is the best.

Organic Food

Whenever I travel, I also try my best to keep up with my diet standards. I do not like to eat everything and anything that comes my way. I try to eat organic and think about my diet. Also, long time ago I have realized that eating right just means making healthy choices on a daily basis.


Also, you cannot overlook the concierge services which are precious to me.

When You Spend – Splurge!

About that little secret of mine, many people tell me that I spend too much money this way, and they do not understand it, but I also have another motto:

Save Now, to Have Fun Later!

I try my best to save as much of they can so that I can afford the luxurious getaways. I also work a couple of extra jobs so that I can make sure I save up enough money. Unless I know I have enough money I do not travel – and that’s my secret.